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Tutoring et Mentoring en Français (TeMeF) is an academic support service personalised  to your child's needs. Based on the Ontarian curriculum and French educational system, TeMeF provides a 5 in 1 academic solution: 





The outlines of our mandate are:

1. Identify the academic difficulties faced by your child.

2.Provide a pedagogical assessment to develop a customized tutoring and mentoring plan in order to better meet the needs of the student.

3. Assist parents who are overwhelmed by the academic questions raised by their children.

4. Offer an individual academic support at home.             

5. Facilitate French learning through our computerized service at the organization headquarters. The latter has many computers with specialized educational software for students to learn French while having fun.

6. Improve the working methods such as the organisation of the student’s homework, his agenda, note taking and their classification, time management and finally, the assessment of the study environment at home.

7. Encourage children to learn from fun programs that are based on games and other joyful activities.

8. Provide a pedagogical and rigorous expertise serving as an academic evaluation.

9. Restoring self-confidence to the student while avoiding overconfidence.

10. Participate in the creation of a francophone cultural identity .

TeMeF consists of a team of high school teachers, college professors, elementary class teachers, educators, school advisors, and students in the process of being qualified to work for the educational system in Ontario. In addition to the team, there are professionals such as engineers and biochemists who can provide specialized assistance to students in science and mathematics.


       TeMeF team is a group of people who are not equal in qualifications, talent or experience but are equal in their commitment to achieve success, for your children or your organisation.

      TeMeF : 647- 871- 3363


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