With over 15 million people, Ontario is recognized as an Anglophone province. Thus, encouraging your children to speak French at an early age is to give them a considerable advantage: Bilingualism.


The scope of this privilege covers two main aspects:


     - A potential opening to the world

La francophonie leur devient par conséquent un grand et attrayant marché, ne demandant qu' à être exploré. Francophonie will consequently become a large and attractive market, only asking to be explored. A travers les 75 pays de l'Organisation internationale de la Across the 75 countries of the International Organization of Francophonie formally known as the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), your children would be able to easily get in touch with and integrate different backgrounds. Cet investissement leur permettra, à long terne, de bénéficier de beaucoup plus d'opportunités de travail et d'épanouissements professionnels, dans plusieurs parties du monde. This investment will enable them, in the long run, to benefit from more job opportunities and professional growth in different parts of the world.

     - A professional asset in Canada

 Most occupations require good skills in English or French in Canada and also a good knowledge of all the professional terminology. As a result, bilingual people are far more sought in the labor market. All government services are offered in both French and English, which justify the professional benefit of mastering both languages simultaneously.Therefore, your children will enjoy a wider range of employment offers and thus integrate to large companies and multinationals implemented within Canada.


 By playing an active role in the Ontario community, TeMeF participates in promoting the French language, the language of culture, in English soil.


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