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It is true that parents cannot always answer, themselves, to their children needs regarding their homework or the development of their school projects. They just have no time to focus on them because of their respective professional activities or because they just do not have what is required to better understand the content of the course.

It is because of this important need that the TeMeF team acts to provide an appropriate educational response which also meets the requirements of the provincial curriculum.

The first step in this process is to bring an academic advisor to your home for the evaluation of your child. This approach will be based on all the information you would have provided to us during your phone call or from the form you would fill out online.

Before starting the assessment, the advisor will review the various objectives that the family would like to achieve.  Depending on what has been chosen, the advisor will test your child individually.

For the younger ones, they will primarily work on their writing and reading. Particular attention will be on French pronunciation. Many scenarios developed by the advisor will assess the current academic level of your child. Games and other selectively chosen resources will also help in the process of the evaluation. The school advisor will then review the study area.

For more advanced students, exercises directly related to math, science, French and others programs will be used as tests. They will be completed to test their knowledge on specific aspects of the Ontario curriculum. Emphasis will be placed not only on the results obtained by the student but also on the way the subject was approached to achieve those results.

 Subsequently, the academic advisor informs the parents of the evaluation results by explaining the academic needs identified as well as the strengths.

For children with parents who speak little or no French and also for students with limited knowledge of French, the TeMeF evaluation will necessarily take into account the requirements of programs in French Language Update ( FLU ) if this is applicable in their situation For students identified as being in need, the service would instead be based on those set by the Identification Placement and Review Committee ( IPRC ) and Individual Education Plan ( IEP ).

This assessment will actually be the basis of the tutoring plan for your child. It will allow us to select the necessary educational resources and especially to choose the tutor that best suits the personality of your child and disciplines to study.

The academic advisor of TeMeF plays a coordinating role between the family, the tutor and the student. He is the one who will also seek meetings with children’s teachers and professors, serving as a better guide for the tutoring sessions. At specific times during the school year, he will establish evaluations to better assess the student's progressions and academic improvements.                                   

Assessment of your child at your place

Duration: 1h30min

Pricing *:

1) Toronto City/Etobicoke:$100

2) Scarborough:$125

3) Peel region:$75

4) York region:$100

5) Durham region:$135

6) Halton:$125

* Assessment fees are not refundable




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