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How to have my child sponsored?


2nd opportunity:   Put yourself in our « waiting list »


Before the TeMeFmobile arrives at your child’s school, you can save time by directly registering on our waiting list to enjoy the benefits of this sponsorship.

     How does it work?


It's very simple! Here are the different steps to follow:


  1) Get in touch with the teacher who teaches the subject your child has some difficulties with.


  2) The teacher becomes the trigger for the sponsorship process. He/she will fill out the form below enabling us to put you on our waiting list to receive free of charge services from TeMeF Academy (*).

(*) Notes:

      The information provided are strictly confidential. The sole purpose of getting them is to better serve and support, both academically and professionally, the student with learning difficulties.
      We recall that the
TeMeF sponsorship program "Sharing our knowledge" is dedicated to financially assist families in getting access to resources and educational services from TeMeF Academy.
      It is therefore
exclusively reserved for families in financial difficulties. Any voluntary application to the TeMeF sponsorship program will be subject to verification of family resources.

Only the selected families will be contacted by the TeMeF team

Sending this form does not give a right or an access to free services immediately. It will allow placing the family or the student in question directly on our waiting list.
     This wait can be shorter or longer depending on the number of families subscribed to the program, the elements and relevant points regarding the situation of the student or the family and on other criteria defined by the
TeMeF policy (resources coming from sales of TeMeF products, grants / public and private subventions, etc.).

FORM - TeMeF Sponsorship: "Sharing our knowledge"


Person who contacted the teacher(s) of the student

Service concerned for the TeMeF sponsorship:

Academically, this would be a great thing to help and sponsor the student above.










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