Selection of TeMeF Tutors & Mentors

A particular distinction is made ​​to the French language. Even though they are bilingual, all TeMeF tutors are French native speakers.

The examination of the police record for all the candidates, their university degrees and specialized skills, the duration and relevance of their experience with children are essential and decisive elements in the selection of our TeMeF tutors.

TeMeF Academy consists of a team of high school teachers, college professors, elementary school teachers, educators, advisors and students in their way to be qualified to work in the education system. It also includes professionals such as engineers and biochemists who can provide specialized assistance to students in sciences and mathematics.

Ils ont tous eu une expérience considérable avec les enfants, les élèves et ont aussi été rigoureusement recrutés à la suite d'une qualification sélective. They all have considerable experiences with children, students and were recruited strictly as a result of a selective qualification. En effet, des tests de compétences spécifiquement choisis leur ont été soumis afin de juger et de vérifier leurs acquis et leurs connaissances relatives aux matières et disciplines académiques auxquelles ils aimeraient apporter de l'aide. Indeed, many exams, specifically chosen to test their skills, were submitted to evaluate and verify their experience and knowledge in certain academic subjects or disciplines to which they would like to provide assistance with.

Following this, simulations and scenarios related to educational activities have been carefully developed to determine their pedagogical and teaching skills.                                 



Internal missions of TeMeF






The TeMeF tutoring and mentoring services are the main lines of action of the company. However, they are not the only ones. Repeatedly, TeMeF Academy assigns to its employees what we call "Internal Missions".

The latter, paid or volunteered, represent the strength in terms of marketing the company and also reflect the dynamism of the
TeMeF tutors and mentors.

These mini-projects will be assigned to employees of the organization in order for them to participate and contribute significantly to the success of the company.

Among the internal missions (assignments), we can mention:

 • The distribution of brochures and pamphlets in schools;
 • The development of video editing;
 • The animation of kiosks at professional fairs;
 • The participation in the "Let’s share our knowledge"sponsorship program; 

 • Taking pictures of events related to the educational activity;

 • The interview of new candidates;
 • The preparation of information sessions;
 • The development of proficiency tests.


The participation in internal missions obviously has a direct impact when it comes to assigning our tutors and mentors to families. Indeed, in addition to meeting the criteria sought by the family and TeMeF Academy (tutor profile, proximity to home, school subjects to improve, parents' goals, availability, etc..), the weight of the missions that you will validate, dear TeMeF tutors and mentors, will be in your favor at the selection and choice of the appropriate TeMeF employee.










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