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Being aware of social differences, the TeMeF team chooses to extend its activities towards the less wealthy families. Through its sponsorship program entitled “Let’s share our knowledge”, TeMeF gives the chance for some families to take advantage of its academic services formula for free. This includes:


                                  • One-on-one in-home tutoring
                                  • Online tutoring
Postsecondary mentoring
Professional mentoring


The main objective of this ambition is to give, to the younger ones, the opportunity to see themselves in the future with a smile. The meeting the older ones may have with the professional who practices the profession they would like to do is a golden opportunity.

By participating actively to the TeMeF sponsorship system, you make it easier, for several families, to receiving the necessary academic and educational support at home for their children, and this, regardless of their financial situation.

                Our mission:  Improve teaching conditions to those who are in need and                                             then ensure the quality to get the best education.


How to have my child sponsored ?                          



Buy by being engaged!

Give others a chance to travel through the TeMeF services:

Your itinerary

Start: school support
Stopover: coaching for postsecondary education
For a final destination: blooming in the business world


Let’s remove the education barriers!

For each amount given towards the sponsorship program "Let's share our knowledge", you will receive a TeMeF present to thank you.

Your contribution and your generosity are greatly appreciated. That way you will significantly participate to this wave of social solidarity that TeMeF has begun far.  


 Receive your TeMeF gift when sponsoring a child!

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