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How to have my child sponsored? 




You know the mist mobile, the batmobile, the supermobile, the Green Hornet's Black Beauty, the Ninja Turtles’ van, the K2000 better known as the Knight Rider. We now present you the "TeMeF mobile".

Fasten your seat belts!

The " TeMeF mobile " tours in various schools, colleges and institutions in the region. It travels thousands of kilometers to reach and cover all Anglophone and Francophone school boards in the province.

This action allows us to enter into communication with the direction and teachers from different districts.

The potential and the content of the sponsorship program are thus exposed; its objectives are rigorously explained and detailed.

With the approval and collaboration of the direction from the establishment visited, it follows a pre-selection that will be based on specific criteria, allowing creating a list of students eligible for the 
TeMeF sponsorship program.

Chosen families will eventually be contacted so that their children can take full advantage of the free TeMeF services.

To sponsor students is to open the door to a close academic and educational proximity for all. This is precisely why the "
TeMeF mobile", carrier of the sponsorship program, has always been wonderfully welcomed wherever it went.




 A consistent education at all costs!

Be the positive trigger to instill children, pupils and students the sense of effort, the desire to succeed and excel. Always in line with the curriculum of the province, the TeMeF sponsorship program provides access to tools promoting motivation and success, whether it is academically or professionally.

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