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 Destinations of the moment for the exchange :

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   In order to establish a bridge between Canada and the rest of the Francophonie, 
TeMeF Academy has developed an academic exchange system and a cultural trip between students from different horizons. This program is in perfect continuity with the "Supporting the Excellence" formula intended to reward more deserving students.

Students will be traveling with two (2) TeMeF academic advisors. Those two have a pivotal role in the coordination of the on-site activities, daily supervision of students at school and in their host families, organization of resources necessary for the proper progress of  the academic and the cultural exchange.

Here are the main aspects related to the program: 

      The academic aspect  


 Students who will be traveling will continue their academic education at the local school predefined for this purpose, in the country of destination. It is to meant to build the foundations of sustainable development through education and training, while enhancing the use of the French language.

A list of courses and programs has been set in advance to avoid any form of disruption, discontinuity or differences in the academic progress of these traveling students. This list is strictly determined by the TeMeF academic advisors. It is perfectly developed to ensure the equivalence between classes, programs and especially to meet the school curricula  requirements & educational systems from the 2 countries involved by the exchange .


The cultural & linguistic aspect

Our actions take into account the coexistence of French and with other languages, English in this case. It is through a total immersion that these young students will discover the cultural beauty of the country of destination. Indeed, the richness of their heritage will be presented to them in details. 

They will live the exotic customs of the local population, thus establishing a genuine dialogue of cultures. It is also to give substance to their commitment to the humanist values promoted by the French language.

          The host family

 On site, students will receive a very interesting linguistic enrichment due to their integration in their host families, allowing them to learn the national language, to acquire idioms specific to the country, while speaking the official language which remains the French language.

Students will have the chance to discover the gastronomy of the visited country through culinary specialties and the delicious meals that will be served and offered in their host families home. Nice interactions will be developed between the students and their host families:  traditions will be reviewed and local values ​​will  be shared, therefore promoting consistent cultural enrichment for these young travelers.


     The touristic aspect

A very attractive journey has been developed so that students will have a chance to visit the most important touristic sites. 

They will also have the opportunity to explore the environment and natural resources, to see beautiful landscape, museums & monuments through a route established for this purpose and structured by TeMeF.


It is through a well-defined route that TeMeF wishes to highlight the existing economic cooperation between these two countries via its exchange program. Indeed, young travelers will have the chance to visit companies involved in strengthening trade relations between Senegal and Canada.

Many Canadian companies have said that Dakar, capital of Senegal, is the place to settle and shine on West Africa. This is well reflected in a successful re-engagement of the Senegal-Canada relationship in terms of business, institutions, youth training, technicians, public administrators, etc. 

Through this exchange program, young travelers are involved in the future issues such as sustainable development.

Therefore it is important that young traveling students from the exchange program of TeMeF become witnesses and direct viewers of the fruitful collaboration on-site, between Senegal and Canada. This expansion, in all areas, will make these young travelers become the actors of the future prosperity between the two countries. 

 This exchange system organized by TeMeF aims to bring young Canadians, for example, to discover the extent of the projects implemented by the Canadian government and businesses in the countries included in the Francophonie (in Africa, Europe, etc.).This trip could arouse in them a dynamic of solidarity and, who knows, a personal commitment.

It is meant to increase initiatives and youth action capacities to illustrate their cultural and civic corporate positioning, to preserve an area of economic cooperation with francophone speakers, while strengthening a network of international relationships.


   1) accompany the traveling students



  2) organize all resources

  (logistic, academic, sanitary...)



Traveling students are, thus, accompanied by two TeMeF academic advisors.They have a pivotal role:               

      - in the coordination of on-site activities;

      - in the daily monitoring of the student at

        the local school and at his/her host 


      - in the organization of all resources 

        (logistics,material, sanitary) necessary

        to the proper progress of TeMeF

        academic exchange &  cultural trip.  



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