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The academic solution adapted to your children's needs


TeMeF is committed to provide quality tutoring and mentoring service. The major target consists of students from elementary, primary, secondary and post-secondary schools.

Thus, in order to better reflect our mission, we have listed the major goals that drive us. Therefore, if at least one of these objectives corresponds to what you are seeking for your child, please do not hesitate to

contact us:

- Strengthen the work done by the class teachers or professors.

- Helping to meet the academic needs of your child.

- Deepen the concepts covered in French, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics,       Computer Science etc.

- Participate in the creation of a francophone cultural identity.

- Helping students in academic initiatives such as course choices.

- Guidance and advice in regards to academic and professional opportunities.

- Develop a safe and effective working methodology.

- Bringing rigor in class project management, in its content and presentation.

- Focus on the academic learning methods of the French language, both verbally and      in writing.

- Encourage your child to learn from fun programs that are based on games and other    joyful activities.

- Assist parents who are overwhelmed by the academic issues raised by their children.

- Encourage your child to make full use of its potential in the different school subjects.

- Provide a pedagogical and rigorous expertise, serving as an academic evaluation.

- Improve academic performances.

- Successfully pass the reading, writing and math tests from EQAO : Education Quality    and Accountability Office.

- Identify the academic difficulties encountered by your child.

- Provide quality and individualized academic support at home.

- Improving the working methods such as homework and agenda organisation,              agenda, note taking with their classification, time management and finally the              evaluation of the learning environment at home.

- Benefit them with the experience of our qualified tutors.

- Assistance with project and presentation development and the writing of the report.

- Restoring self-confidence in the student, while avoiding overconfidence.

- Encourage French conversations while improving the pronunciation and the                  vocabulary.

- Reinstate the "dictation “system, thus facilitating the writing assignments while            developing grammar, conjugation and spelling.

- Have available information resources on the different academic and post-secondary curriculums.

 Now that our mission and objectives have been well defined and explained, you are welcome to consult our services and get helped!




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