Being in a constantly evolving technological and socio-economic environment, it becomes essential to adapt. Therefore, for an effective contribution to the economic development, for promising innovations, and for the accomplishment of projects with a high level of coherence and precision, TeMeprovides you with engineering & technology services.


Our mission

It is better to prevent a loss than try to recover from it.

We undertake a detailed assessment of your building, facility, asset or equipment, to determine the best management strategy that will allow you to maintain, improve or renew it, to meet the current and future needs of your occupants, tenants, customers and the public.

TeMeEngineering & Technology provides technical information across a wide range of industries (electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, etc.) on which you will rely in your multi-year planning (annual, three-year, five-year planning, in the next 25 years, etc.).

We ensure to provide the best possible support to the Management in its investment decisions in terms of fixed assets, maintenance of assets and repair.

We understand that a rigorous analysis is essential to ensure effective and efficient management of real estate inventory and the funding available for asset maintenance.



With team members being from the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), being certified Project Management Professional (PMP) via PMI (Project Management Institute), TeMeF is a certified CAMSC supplier which covers multidisciplinary activities including, but not limited to, the following expertises:


Electrical Engineering



This includes but not limited:

Electrical engineering services in the field of Life Safety;

Fire Protection;

Building and Fire Code Compliance;

Interior, Exterior, Exit, and Emergency Lighting;

Visual assessment of the electrical equipment based of the data & photo collection;

Analysis of Single Line Diagrams, AutoCad drawings, Infrared and thermo-scan reports;

Coordination of all activities and resources associated with the project in question and the allocation of responsibilities;

Expert judgment on the entire project in question and interviews with the property management staff, department heads and the client's project manager to clearly define deadlines, deliverables, scope of work to be validated, and collecting requirements.




Mechanical Engineering



This includes but not limited to:

Technical expertise related to mechanical equipment and systems;

Vertical transportation assessment and recommendations are provided based on system conditions and code requirements; 

Carrying out technical feasibility studies, revising drawings and technical documentation;

Analysis of the environmental aspect of the installations by identifying the materials hazardous to the environment and then examining the compliance of the existing installations with the standards and codes in force;

Preparation of cost estimates and determination of the budget for events (upgrades, repairs, replacement, installation, renovation, etc.) based on current site conditions, the end of life of systems, best practices for engineering, applicable code requirements and other project requirements;

Generating building condition reports including, but not limited to, system descriptions, observations, recommendations and digital images for all mechanical elements, according to the level of detail requested.




Civil & Structural Engineering



This includes but not limited to:

Condition assessment of structural systems of buildings;

Characterization & enumeration of confined spaces;

Review of building systems performance and identification of necessary building renovations;

Establishment of plans for updating and conforming building systems to the building code;

Writing reports with recommendations (estimates and schedule included). The report aims to describe and denote the defective and/or non-conforming elements in the following sections: the structure, columns and beams, basement walls, floor, roof, and stair construction, etc.






This includes but not limited to:

   Condition assessment of architectural systems of buildings (exterior walls, soffits, wall curtains, exterior windows, entrances and other exterior doors, roof coverings, partitions, interior balustrades and screens, interior doors, fittings, stair construction, etc.).

   Inspection of wall finishes, floor finishes, and ceiling finishes.

   Identification of necessary building requirements (renovation, replacement, repair, study, upgrade, etc.).

   Establishment of plans for updating and conforming building systems to the building code, including recommendations (cost estimates and schedules). 

   Calculations, drawings, specifications, project administration during implementation, studies, and reports.



Information Technology (IT) 



This includes but not limited to:

 Server room, Computer Rooms – rack systems.

 Cable management systems for Data Centre and Server Rooms.

 Network infrastructure including patch panels, switches, routers, horizontal copper cables, uplink cables copper or fiber optic.

 Fiber optic infrastructure single and multimode, patch panels and cable terminations.

 UPS systems for the IT rooms or Data Centres.

 Servers, File storage drivers, Data Back-up systems (tape, external drives or cloud).



Engineering Project Management

This includes, but not limited to, the following:

Project Integration Management;

Project Scope Management;

Project Cost Management;

Project Time Management;

Project Quality Management;

Project Human Resource Management;

Project Communications Management;

Project Risk Management;

Project Procurement Management.

FYI: We can assure you that projects will receive the high level of dedication and attention that they deserve, with methodical planning of all schedules, prompt resolution of problems and an end result meeting clients' expectations.





Technological Innovations

This service is here to support engineers in the steps allowing to protect their innovative ideas, to put forward their intellectual properties and thus to promote their creations, their originalities, technical revolutions, their novelties, their discoveries, their inventions and their technological innovations in all their forms.

Our consultations cover, among other things, relevant information relating to patents, industrial designs, copyright & trademarks. Note that sketches, models and other drawings that the engineer makes also benefit from legal protection.

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Certifying & Translating your documents for P.Eng. application



Are you looking for Certified English or French translations of your official transcript(s) of marks and degree certificate(s) for each engineering degree completed outside of Canada & the USA?

Do you need help for your P.Eng. application?

The certified copies of your original for any academic documents are completed by our licensed Canadian professional engineers and then submitted to PEO or other Canadian Engineering Associations for further review.

The official English or French translations of your original for any academic documents are completed by our licensed Canadian professional engineers who are fluent in the original language of the corresponding document and English/French. We certify that we have translated or reviewed your translated documents.
















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