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Dear OUSMAN TOURÉ, your deliverable is really!


YOUR ACTION PLAN - Exam Prep for 309A (Electrician Training)

First of all, you need to get approved by the Government, STO which stands for “Skilled Trades Ontario”.

Skilled Trades Ontario is an agency of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development responsible for apprenticeship and skilled trades certification in Ontario. It was established through the Building Opportunities in the Skilled Trades Act, 2021. They are committed to making it easier for skilled trades professionals to access services, promoting careers in the skilled trades and addressing the labour shortage. They want to make Ontario the place where skilled trades professionals thrive.

Did you get approved by STO ?

If your answer is "No" or you are not sure, kindly contact Skilled Trades Ontario at 647-847-3000 and press 0. Toll Free: 1-855-299-0028 - Office Hours: 8:30AM-5:00PM Mon-Fri -


Once you are approved by STO, the following is required to have an excellent Exam Preparation for your Certification 309A - Construction & Maintenance:

#1: Get the 2021 Canadian Electrical Code book if you do not have it yet: $250 + taxes. FYI: The book will change in January 2024 (it changes every 3 years).

#2: To get a better understanding of how to use the code book, you need to select one(1) of the following options:

#3: Get the "Electrician Self-Assessment Tool (ESAT)” only when the points mentioned above have been validated. Via real exam simulations (duration: 4 hours), you will be evaluated. FYI: The goal here is to pass the assessment with a 90%, 3 times in a row. When you accomplish this, we estimate that you, Ousman, are ready and your exam preparation is complete. Price of the ESAT: $200 + taxes.


After the validation of the 3 points mentioned above, you can schedule your real exam by calling the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MSTU). The cost estimate of the real exam: $150. This is a 4h exam with 100 questions. Exam can be scheduled once a week, in French or in English.

FYI: The requirement to pass the real exam is 70%.


Are you ready to proceed with your exam prep now?

If "yes", select all the items below associated with your choice(s):

To get you what you need, your payment needs to be sent by e-transfer to the following email address:

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