Your quality solution in Human Resources

    To grown your business, you need talent.

TeMeF Professionnels & Businesses welcomes professionals & experts from different industries and areas. Many are newcomers who are already helping young people via TeMeF Academy.

We select them according to our clients'needs. Operating as a staff provider, our service ''Staffing & Strategic Talent Acquisition'' brings a quality solution in Human Resources at corporate & organization levels. Our action covers the entire Great Toronto Area.




Our mission:

- Increase the potential of your business via a qualified staff.

- Identify the qualifications, skills, talent, proficiencies, and competencies of our candidates.

- Select and provide adequate human resources to our clients.

- Evaluate experience and academic background of the candidates.

- Meet the objectives & expectations of your company.

- Deploy professionals, experts, and qualified workers towards employers in a timely fashion.

- Increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of your organization.

CLIENTS: Employers / Enterprises                      




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