BILINGUALISM: "Increase the potential of your company via the optimization of a bilingual environment !"


We translate, optimize, review & correct, from English to French and vice versa, the DELIVERABLES, REPORTS, VERBAL & WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS, PROCEDURES, ORGANIZATIONAL ASSETS & PROCESSES, and THE ENTIRE DOCUMENTATION related to your company / organization / ministry / enterprise & associated branches.

The type of documents requiring translation varies from reports general or technical in nature, to correspondence, manuals, legal agreements, questionnaires, brochures, forms, web pages, and news releases. Some of these documents also require proofreading.



For your information:The only two (2) languages concerned by the following are FRENCH & ENGLISH.















With its service called '' Bilingual Signature in Business '', TeMeF Professionals & Businesses intervenes to respond accordingly by satisfying clients' organizational needs.

Indeed, our experts quickly adapt and translate, from English to French and vice versa, your professional activities & work routines, techniques and procedures of your company, ministry or associated branches.

We work hard in order to provide an effective and efficient solution that will allow you to extend your market and increase business opportunities. 

Get the experts that will enhance the entire professional terminology of your business, your organizational process assets & entreprise environmentals tools in order to reach out the maximun of English & French-speaking stakeholders.








In Canada, a lot of services and jobs require to master, at a professional level, French & English languages (government services, customer service, technical support, etc.).

Therefore, we are seeing more and more this collective will manifested by several companies, to open up on Bilingualism for the development of their framework & activities.

Via several customized sessions related to the objectives defined in the project charter, TeMeF Professionals & Businesses develops a bilingual work environment within your company




In this same perspective, the transition to a bilingual sector (English & French) provides access to a greater range of jobs or other opportunities related to your business. It provides a potential opening to the world. Indeed, the Francophonie (OIF) which includes eighty (80) states or governments, has also its doors wide open to you. In addition, the English-speaking world includes over two (2) billion people.

The daily activities of your firm, organizational tools & professional procedures are optimized in French/English and this is done through a great cooperation between your staff members and our experts. By playing an active role within the Ontario community, we participate to the promotion of BILINGUISM in the business environment and in the professional workplace.












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