TeMeEngineering & Technology covers the following expertises:

- Risk Engineering

- Buildings Services Engineering

- Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Structural Engineering

- Architecture

- Machinery & Equipment Assessment

- Promotion & Protection of technological innovations.


TeMeEngineering & Technology offers engineering services for all types of buildings, in all sectors:

- Healthcare facilities

- Complex office environments

- Retail centres

- Transportation facilities

- Educational establishments

- Residential developments

- Museums

- Laboratories

- Data centres.




According to our clients’ specific requirements, the following deliverables / consultations are provided:

- For a Building Condition Assessment: One (1) deliverable which is the building condition report including the description of the systems, observations, recommendations & the creation of requirements in all associated engineering disciplines (electrical, civil, structure, mechanical engineering, etc.).

- For a Machinery/Equipment Assessment:  One (1) deliverable which is a technical report based on the specific expertise & equipment (Exemple: generator, boiler, chiller, etc.). 

- For a System Condition Assessment:  One (1) deliverable which is a technical report based on the specific expertise (Exemple: interior & exterior lighting, security system, etc.). 

- For Certifying & Translating your original and academic documents: Deliverables are either "Certified Copies" or "the Official English or French Translations" of your original, for any academic documents. They are completed by our licensed Canadian professional engineers who are fluent in the original language of the corresponding document and English/French.

- For Promoting & Protecting Technological Innovations:  One (1) consultation which covers, among other things, relevant information relating to patents, industrial designs, copyright & trademarks. Note that sketches, models and other drawings that the engineer makes also benefit from legal protection.










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