The team consists of 4 main components:


The 1st one includes faculty and high school professors, elementary educators, guidance counselors, academic advisors and college teachers.

The 2nd part is made of students in their way of being qualified in the educational curriculum. They are soon to be graduates from the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

Others come also from sectors (languages, humanities departments, Administration & International trade, Medicine, Law, Science and Eco-Management, Science and Technology, Urbanism, etc.) that can enhance the linguistic path of your children.


The 3rd category includes professionals such as engineers, biochemists and others who speak your mother tongue and can teach your children on how to better understand the language in question.


The 4th and final component highlights the tremendous work done by mothers and grandmothers who simply have the life experience regarding children's education. Able to build an educational background through their family environment, they enjoy telling stories and having children read so that they can progress and improve the learning of your native languague.

















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