Required equipment:

- A computer (PC, laptop, tablet, etc.)

- A good internet connection

- A headset with a microphone (sometimes already built into the computer)

- A webcam (sometimes already integrated into the laptop)


 Online activity & academic resources


 The first step is to install an academic routine so that the children will develop, slowly but surely, an effective and consistent working methodology. This translates as follows: 

- An educational formula, done in your mother tongue, is elaborated in order to acquiere a solid basis for your children when learning multiple knowledge areas.

- We provide tools and techniques to your children so that they can pratice your mother tongue during and outside the online tutoring sessions. 

Please note that customized academic resources are also put in place by the academic advisor of the family and then they are given to your children. The educational material has been rigorously selected by the TeMeF team in order not to lose sight of objectives set by the family.




A targeted development


The duration of each session is 30 minutesIf needed, sessions can be combined, based on the Individual Tutoring Plan (ITP). The TeMeF tutor starts with a serie of educational questions coming from a list of several topics well defined by our team. This will quickly provide an excellent level of vocabulary to your children in their mother tongue.

For the younger ones, this section allows them to share feelings and emotions they have experienced during events and previous activities. It is a great way to allow them to express themselves regarding what they feel about everything around them in general.

Tutoring sessions are also available for adults.



Customized online tutoring sessions


During the online tutoring session, linguistic & educational elements are improved in your mother tongue such as the vocabulary, wording, spelling, writing, etc.

Our expertise takes into account the learning management such as time management, different modes of study and reasoning (learning by heart, visual or hearing memory etc.).

Academic learning disabilities such as dysphasia (language impairment), memory disorder, dyslexia (reading disorder), dysorthographia (spelling disorder), poor information decoding, dyscalculia (arithmetic disorder) and attention deficit disorder are also to be identified in order to optimize the tutoring sessions.

All these important factors are taken into consideration in our service so that the tutoring sessions can be customizd and adapted to your children’s needs.














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