The duration of each session is 1h30min. The tutor starts by a series of educational questions well defined in advance to quickly have an overview of the week and to also have a summary of what has been reviewed in school or from the last tutorial.

The whole session is entirely done in French.

 The first step is to install some sort of routine so that the child will develop, slowly but surely, organizational automatisms (workspace, agenda ...) as well as an effective and consistent working methodology.

 For the younger ones, this section allows them to share feelings and emotions they have experienced during events and activities. It is a great way to allow them to express temselves in French what they feel about everything around them in general.

 Once updated, the TeMeF tutor identifies the difficulties encountered in the various disciplines and subjects of study. If the student is already aware of those,they will be explained to the tutor otherwise, it will be determined by the tutor’s examination of the work done in class and by correcting the exercises given earlier by the tutor.

 Note that customised academic resources are put in place by the academic advisor of the family. They are chosen depending on the evaluation of the child done ​​previously. The latter has been provided to the tutor for the proper conduct of the sessions and especially not to lose sight of the objectives set by the family, the child and the TeMeF team, en étroite continuité avec le curriculum de l'Ontario . in close continuity with the Ontario Curriculum.

The next step is primarily on the academic tutoring. The focus is on homework, reading activities, French writing, mathematics, science, development and presentation of projects (research, writing, editing) and the application of computer programs or other areas as needed.

Our team will be in regular contact with your child's teacher(s) to better assess areas for development and improvement during the sessions. The collaboration with teachers enables us to better target and refine the academic tutoring for your child.

Note that the TeMeF methods excel and are distinguished by the fact that our expertise and our work takes into account the learning management such as time management, different modes of study and reasoning (learning by heart, visual or hearing memory etc.).

 Academic learning disabilities such as dysphasia (language impairment), memory disorder, dyslexia (reading disorder), the dysorthographia (spelling disorder), poor information decoding, dyscalculia (arithmetic disorder) and attention deficit disorder are also to be identified in order to prevent academic failure.

All these important factors are taken into consideration in our tutoring service so that it has to be customized and adapted to the need.

 For the younger ones, the tutoring sessions will end on a mode called "relaxation". This part is reflected by the use of everyday tools from which the tutor will discuss and develop the different aspects and explain its usefulness.This way of teaching will improve the child’s vocabulary and, consequently, promote his verbal expression.

 To this could be added the listening of French stories or music, reading of short stories or simulation plays for example. The aim is to have fun while learning. Therefore, educational games are also prepared by the academic advisor of the family and provided to the TeMeF tutor for that purpose.    


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