TeMeCommunity has established a list of great local babytters.

As a cilent, you will receive from us a proposition with babysitters that match with your RFB (Request For Babysitter) which includes, but not limited to, your objectives, your family information, the date, the time, the location and the duration of the required babysitting.

All babysitters on the roster have been through an initial screening (references, police check, credentials, etc.) but you are the best judge of who is a good fit to look after your family.

Therefore, we will help you set up a interview, either at your house or via Skype, between your family and the babysitters that you think are the best match. 

After the interview, as the employer, we will follow up with both parties, your family & the babysitters, to make sure we obtain a win-win solution. Once the outcome of the Matching Process is successful, the babysitting sessions can start at the specified location.












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